Special two component strong binder for Stone Carpet applications
Eco Friendly

Stone Carpet Flooring Resin & Hardener

Formulated, Polyurethane, Transparent

8mm A Comp. 20kg / B Comp. 5kg Tin Bucket 4/1 (800gr A + 200gr B) 24 Hours A Comp. 36 pieces X 20kg = 720 kg / B Comp. 36 pieces X 5kg = 180 kg
1 m2 > 1 kg (1.000 gr)
Indoor & Outdoor
Two Component
4:1 Ratio
UV Resistant
No Tyre Marks
High Scratch Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
Impact Resistance
High Mechanical Strength
Crack Bridging
Living Areas All wet floors Parking, garages Walking paths
  • Polyurethane based
  • Transparent
  • Specially developed for exterior and interior resin
  • High pressure resistance
  • Permeable to water and air
  • Temperature and frost resistant
  • Easy to process
  • No frothing
  • Anti-allergic

Two component polyurethane. In combination with our quartz, glass and granite granules, sustainable, seamless surfaces can be produced with individually tunable drainage. Due to the unique formulation, achieves a light fastness of Stage 7 according to EN ISO 105-B02 and thus meets the highest standard - no yellowing.
The Anilo ANIX61-IE is a solvent-free stone carpet binder for professionals. Can be used for indoor and outdoor areas. Anilo ANIX61-IE resin does not foam and does not form CO2 gases in high humidity or accidental contact with water.