Transparent, Permanent, Strong Waterproofing for Indoor and Outdoor
Eco Friendly

Indoor and Outdoor Waterproofing

Formulated, Polyurethane

1,5mm A Comp. 20kg / B Comp. 5kg Tin Bucket 4/1 (800gr A + 200gr B) 24 Hours A Comp. 36 pieces X 20kg = 720 kg / B Comp. 36 pieces X 5kg = 180 kg
1 m2 > 250-350 gr
Indoor / Outdoor Commercial Buildings Living Roof Bathroom Multi-storey car park Shops Terrace, Balcony Swimming Pool
  • Polyurethane based
  • Transparent
  • Creates a permanent, water-resistant seal
  • Resistant to most industrial chemicals
  • It forms a waterproof coating in swimming pools, bathrooms and all wet floors.
  • High Viscosity

Application before stone carpet One Application, is sufficient.

ANOX61-E-UV (2K) is a two-component modified polyurethane resin with a very flexible, waterproof top layer with a very high durability, even at low temperatures. It dries to a permanent, water-resistant bond for a complete seal. It is a non-settling gel with excellent adhesion and easy of use as a versatile, universal top layer that can also be applied to vertical surfaces.
After curing, it is resistant to fresh or salt water, detergent, soil, oils, fats, mild acids or other common industrial chemicals. It can be used on concrete floors, tiles, wood and reinforcing steel.