WALL Elastix™

Strong vertical adhesion on all vertical surfaces (Wall, Stairs, etc.)
Eco Friendly

Vertical Adhesive for Indoor & Outdoor

Acrylic, Hybrid, Hydrophobic

20 kg Plastic Bucket 24 Hours 36 pieces X 20 kg (720 kg) 1 Pallet Quantity
1 m2 > 1.000 gr
Indoor & Outdoor
One Component
UV Resistant
High Scratch Resistance
Chemical Resistant
Abrasion Resistance
Good Vertical Adhesion
High Mechanical Strength
Flame Retardant
Resistance to Continuous Water Contact
Stairs Walls All Vertical Surfaces
  • Acrylic hydrophobic and hybrid based
  • High viscosity, bright
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Continous water contact resistance
  • For applying vertical granules on stairs and walls
  • Non-slip
  • Strong vertical adhesive
  • Great for outdoor kitchens and stair, vertical veneers
  • Odorless, ideal for indoor use
  • Weather resistant when cured
  • Resistant to freezing and thawing
  • High adhesion on different surfaces
  • Resistant to UV rays, rain, heat and frost
  • Easy to apply on vertical surfaces
  • Resistant to yellowing, contamination and moisture
  • Durable, even after exposure to extremely high and extremely low temperatures. (-30 °C, + 120 °C)

This adhesive can save valuable time by instantly locking stone carpet in place without sag or slip.

Applying vertical granules on stairs and walls